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Obama Signs Bill to Expand Veteran Benefits
The White House

The President speaks at the signing of a bill that will increase the VA budget, help fund the post 9/11 GI Bill, and dramatically increase funding for veterans health care.

Remember Our Vets This Memorial Day
David Lord

This Memorial Day, please remember to give a moment of silence to show respect for the Veterans who have died. In this war, often their death was not an act of heroism, it was the result of simply doing their duty as a soldier, airman, marine or sailor in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Veterans and Traumatic Brain Injury
David Lord

I recently made a trip to the US for the annual National Service Officer Training, where I had the opportunity to ask a V.A. representative a question that connects the wartime combat service of all Veterans to a new area of research - Traumatic Brain Injury.

Families of America's Veterans Get Some Good News
David Lord

If you're struggling with an elderly loved one, who also happens to be one of America's veterans, relief is around the corner. The Veterans Administration has increased its payment in the 'Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit' program.

VA Health Care News
David Lord

Recent changes and additions to health care programs for Veterans, including: the Department of Veterans Affairs' plans to re-open enrollment in its health care system and a new service that offers Internet access to VA health care and benefit information online.

Press Spotlights US Veteran Concerns
David Lord

US media is full of news about current and emerging disputes between a White House struggling to impose new restraints on federal spending, and advocates for military members and veterans who have borne the brunt of two long and difficult wars.

Little Known US Naval History
David Lord

The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) as a combat vessel, carried 48,600 gallons of fresh water for her crew of 475 Sailors and Marines. This was sufficient to last six months of sustained operations at sea. She carried no evaporators, i.e. fresh water distillers.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki
David Lord

According to a recent The Navy Times report, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki released 'an unusual open letter to all veterans, saying he is committed to transforming his department into a 21st-century organization in which veterans are central to everything VA does.'

V.A. Productivity vs Veterans Rights
David Lord

One policy worth scrutiny is the controversial method that the VA uses to assess the performance of VA employees and VA officials. Both promotions and some employee bonuses are traditionally linked to the number of cases completed annually.

American Veterans Survivor Payments
David Lord

As we Veterans know we use benefits that are gained as a result of our military service, but what happens after we die, do our families have any continuing monetary support? The answer is yes if they meet any of the following circumstances...

US Vietnam Vets - Get Agent Orange Exam NOW!
David Lord

All Vietnam Veterans are urged to get an agent orange exam, NOW! Colon cancer and diabetes are just two of the eleven diseases that may be in the Dioxin exposed body health system. We start dying long before our time and it does not have to be.

Veterans and Traumatic Brain Injury
David Lord

A diagnostic tool (MRI) is being used to provide evidence of T.B.I. (Traumatic Brain Injury.) This, in my opinion, is a milestone for all veterans who have been directly exposed to explosive force concussion.

The Adjudicators Stopped by Court Order
David Lord

One of the most irritating facts about the Veterans Administration is the unchecked power used by Adjudication Bureaucrats to override doctors' statements that are used to support a claim for disability.

"Dependency and Indemnity Compensation" for a Surviving Spouse
David Lord

Although 'tedious,' an important part of providing Veterans and Dependents benefits is getting you to understand the phraseology used in the process of securing those earned benefits. Not so boring to read when you get the money for LIFE!

Income Verification Reports Precaution
David Lord

Veterans or their dependents should make sure that their annual I.V.R.'s (income verification reports) for Pension checks are filled out in dollar amounts, not pesos amounts, and should NEVER fill in all of the spaces in all of the sections.

Search for Eligible Survivors Continues
David Lord

In a recent article I reported that tens of thousands of those widowed due to a veteran's death were not paid survivor's benefits. I hope that this information will be shared with the women in Mexico that were formerly married to a veteran.

Happy New Year from Veterans in Vallarta
David Lord

This time of year is especially important for the family and friends of veterans to understand the thanks we give for your support and love. So Happy New Year from the U.S and Canadian Veterans of Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit.

Women and Veterans Law in Mexico
David Lord

Tom Philpott's article for Military Officer Magazine provides me the subject I want to cover here in my Mexico column. Many women do not understand or even know of the laws and their benefits after having been married to or widowed by a Veteran.

VA Low Income Pension - Do You Get It?
David Lord

The VA Low Income Pension benefit is much more important here in Mexico verses the United States, because the Veteran can actually live and prosper in Mexico on the meager pension verses living in poverty and simply prolonging the misery of old age.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected
David Lord

I believe Sally Conley is what we all should strive to be. The unexpected loss of Sally reminds me that we should all be prepared for the unexpected. I have some information that may be very helpful to my fellow Veterans and their dependents.

VA Document Scandal: What Was Maddening is Now Criminal!
David Lord

The recent revelations of the willful and wanton destruction of vital veterans records are not just another "isolated incident." We have now moved to the next level of the game. What was maddening last year is now criminal.

A Message from and Larry Scott
David Lord

Veterans have been accepting the constantly-changing hodge-podge of laws and regulations that, sometimes, provide disability compensation and care. And, "sometimes" is the operative word...

Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2008
David Lord

In this column, I state the regulation and then provide comment to clarify each section of the newly passed S.3023 'Veterans Benefits Improvement Act for 2008,' which was signed into law on October 10th 2008.

November 11 - A Day to Honor US Veterans
David Lord

Veterans Day has been celebrated each year on November 11th since 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. This year, let's all take some time to remember and to honor those who have served in all American wars.

Against The Odds
David Lord

My story started a few days ago, when I received a simple email with the heading '41 years ago.' It was sent by the wife of the most important combat Marine I had ever known, a Marine who showed courage under fire - in a war that had no glory.

Why I Feel Let Down by Senator McCain
David Lord

We Veterans should have had a most powerful advocate in Senator McCain. The former Pilot and Admiral's son had all the experiences to champion Veterans struggles; instead he divorced himself from issues we Veterans needed made into law.

Retired Veterans Choosing Puerto Vallarta
David Lord

It is likely the economic crisis in the U.S. has many retired Veterans seeking relief from the financial stress, the never ending political hype, the never-keep-up treadmill... Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offers retirees all of that - and more!

American Financial Fumbling
David Lord

With the U.S. Presidential Candidates immersed in heated rhetoric, we watch their personal divides deepen, but we see that there is not a nickel's worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans holding positions in Congress.

Free Legal Representation for Veterans
David Lord

Three-quarters of the American public think the federal government is not doing enough to support veterans. The National Veterans Legal Service Program offers assistance to Veterans who have lost their initial claim and have decided to appeal.

Suicide by American Veterans - Part II
David Lord

After reading Part I of this article, I thought about how depressing it was to be living in Paradise and be exposed to even the subject of suicide. I know you and I are trying to enjoy our retirement, but our U.S. Veterans are important to us.

Suicide by American Veterans
David Lord

In recent training, a topic that literally brought some Veteran Service Officers to tears was the report on Suicide and the Collateral Damage to Family, by the tour of duty policies placed on the military troops fighting the "War on Terror."

VA Fails to Seek Alternative Sources for Records Missing or Destroyed
David Lord

Many Veterans are at a huge disadvantage in trying to prove entitlement to VA benefits because their records, entrusted to the custody of a federal record repository, where lost, damaged or destroyed.

The Cost of War on Reserve and Guard Service Members
David Lord

Our Military branches need to address the problems troops face when returning home with Combat Stress. Their families often are dealing with a different person, one changed by war in many ways not anticipated by the family prior to their return.

The Military Order - a Unique Veterans Organization
David Lord

The Military Order is not a large Veterans organization but it is unique. The honor and respect between the members is deep, and we have come together to serve, to learn and to better aid those who have given to a nation through military service.

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