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Transitional and Wounded
David Lord

This week I am sharing an article published in the New York Times by Lawrence Downes on March 24th, entitled "A Journey Without Maps," which was sent to me by a real patriot, Keith Lupton. My comments follow the article.

V.A. Compensation System Under Review
David Lord

The "Veteran's Disability Benefits Commission" was established by the President of the United States to look at how the government is providing, or not providing, for the Veterans who had served America by being a part of the military.

Department of Veterans Affairs Facts
David Lord

Of the 24 million veterans currently alive, nearly three-quarters served during a war or an official period of conflict. About a quarter of the nation's population, approximately 74.5 million people, are potentially eligible for VA benefits.

The V.A. Squeezes Vets by Removing Doctors' Non-Medical Opinions
David Lord

The Veterans I serve often fear the VA and sometimes with just cause and good reason, despite the VA creed of service that is supposedly non-adversarial. Time and again the VA adjudicators serve the bureau of Veterans Affairs - not the Veteran.

Presidential Election Getting Interesting
David Lord

Although the Republican front runner John McCain is an honorable Veteran with courage during service as a P.O.W., that in itself is not enough to stem the election fervor and the probability of the Democrats taking the Presidency.

Veterans Books, Benefits and Business
David Lord

If you are an American Veteran or Dependant living abroad you are eligible for VA benefits. In my new book I'll be writing a section about the positive side of life in Mexico, and how to pursue your freedom and your benefits while living abroad.

VA Increases Travel Reimbursement for Eligible Disabled Veterans
David Lord

This week, over a million eligible veterans will see their mileage reimbursement more than double for travel to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities. The increase went into effect on February 1st, 2008.

Disabled US Veterans Need to Know it All
David Lord

Benefits become a real necessity for Veterans in this economic turn down of the USA. I am amazed at some of the mail I receive telling of the benefits gained for disabled veterans by your efforts to help after reading my articles.

US Veterans and Citizens Facing an Economic Storm
David Lord

Something is wrong in both the heart and the health of America. The War that we cannot afford makes paying for the basic necessities: heat, food and clothing near impossible, putting our personnel debts beyond payment and making slaves of middle class Americans.

American Veterans Law: What You Say Counts
David Lord

Continuing last week's column, which told the story of my VA claim, remember that the deck is stacked against Veterans, so in addition to meeting any time line, your statements and your Buddy Statements should tie into a combat incident if possible.

V.A. Letters, Exams, Communication; What You Should Do When Responding to Them
David Lord

Letters from the V.A. will result in frustration over their confusing legal speak. Their letters challenge your coping skills to the max, but remain cool and seek help if you are not sure how to respond.

Holiday Wishes, Thoughts and Reminders
David Lord

I'd like to send all Veterans and their families my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and all those in Puerto Vallarta this Holiday Season a reminder that we are blessed to be in one another's company in these extraordinary times.

VA 2008 Compensation Rates
David Lord

Veterans are being pulled deeper into poverty but, according to the US government's calculations, Veterans entitled to military retirement, service-connected disability or pension payments are entitled to an increase of only 2.3% in 2008.

Veterans Face Two Headed Monster "DODVA"
David Lord

What do Veterans face when seeking the benefits they are entitled to for Military Service? A two-headed monster, The Department of Defense and The Department of Veterans Affairs, the 1st and 2nd largest agencies in the United States Government.

Waging War on the VA
David Lord

I, like many other Veterans and Citizens of the United States, watched a program on CNN last Sunday evening and was stunned by Marine Sgt. Ty Ziegel, a 25 year old severely burned and disfigured by a suicide bomber.

The History of Veterans Day
David Lord

Did you know that most Americans confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day? Both holidays celebrate our veterans' service, but with one significant difference. This week's column will give you a better understanding of the history of Veterans Day.

Individual Un-Employability
David Lord

This week, I speak in very specific terms for the tens of thousands of Veterans who have been awarded I.U. and have become dependent on having a 100% disability income while in fact having a lesser degree of disability, in some cases as low as a 60%.

ARMY: 50,000+ Discharged as Unfit for Duty After War Service
David Lord

I ended last week's article by saying I would continue this week with an explanation of the underhanded expedient dismissal of our service-wounded Veterans. Those that have been wounded so gravely as to render them Unfit for Duty.

VA Changes Power of Attorney Regulations
David Lord

Many veterans come to me after years of frustration that came from being represented by a Veterans Service Organization Officer that did little or nothing with their claim. Now, Veterans can choose to have someone they know fight for them.

Vet Commission Backs Pay Gains and Real Attention to Veterans Disabilities
David Lord

The first review of veterans' disability benefits in 51 years recommends that Congress and the Bush administration support an immediate increase in compensation levels to recognize monetarily their reduced quality of life.

Veteran News from at Home and Abroad
David Lord

Gordon H. Mansfield became Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs on October 1st, following the resignation of Secretary Jim Nicholson. Here in Vallarta, I recently toured a facility for Veterans and their families in need of assisted living.

VA Appeals Process
David Lord

The Board of Veterans' Appeals is designed to provide the veteran with an opportunity to appeal a decision issued by one of the 57 Regional Offices of the VA spread across the United States.

Agent Orange Equitable Compensation Act
David Lord

On September 6th, 2007 the VA introduced legislation in the United States Senate that will deprive tens of thousands of Vietnam Veterans compensation for exposure to Agent Orange, unless the Vet served on land or in Vietnam's inland waterways.

New Legislation for Veterans Benefits Has Passed!
David Lord

The recently passed Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, which funds the Veterans Affairs and Military Construction for the 2008 fiscal year, increases last year’s funding levels by more than $18.2 billion USD.

Some TRICARE Prime Networks Seen Too Costly To Keep
David Lord

More than 168,000 retired military, especially those living in Mexico and Latin America, retirees, their spouses and survivors living more than 40 miles from a base would lose access both to TRICARE Prime and the military's preferred provider option.

Purple Heart Eligibility Should Be Expanded
David Lord

The Department of Defense has finally agreed to recommend that the President expand eligibility for the Purple Heart to all prisoners of war who die in captivity, regardless of the cause of death.

New Veterans Health Care Improvement Act
David Lord

Our Nation has a long tradition of fighting wars. We also have a long tradition of letting Veterans' wounds fester once they return home. But the new 2007 Health Care Improvement Act and Veterans Outreach program may reduce their pain and suffering.

New Compensation Programs for Veterans
David Lord

Though very little has been done to promote the new compensation programs established to enhance income for Combat Veterans and Retired Military. US Veterans with disabilities resulting from military service should review them.

The Tragic Neglect of US Veterans
David Lord

The same inept bureaucracy that crippled F.E.M.A. in its response after Hurricane Katrina is alive and well at the Veterans Administration. The difference is that the V.A. has been getting away with it for decades.

Younger Vets Dissatisfied with Disability Pay
David Lord

How do we compensate disabled Veterans for their sacrifice - and is it fair? This imbalance in disability compensation paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was a point of contention at a June 8 commission hearing.

The Wall - July 4th, 2007
David Lord

My first visit to the Memorial was in recognition for the sacrifices of my fellow Marines who gave their lives fighting the Viet Nam War. I know my duty as a survivor of that war is to not let their sacrifice go untold, or worse, be forgotten.

Veterans Question: Why No Health Care?
David Lord

Since 2003, nearly 400,000 veterans have been denied enrollment in the VA health system because they have no service-connected disabilities and have incomes that exceed a VA means test, the same one used to screen for federal housing assistance.

VA Benefits - a Confusing Jumble of Legal Speak
David Lord

For most Veterans and Dependents, the laws related to Veterans benefits are a confusing jumble of legal speak (designed to confuse them) making for a difficult understanding of the law. The common veterans family needs a translation.

Exposed to Agent Orange? Risk Grows After Surgery
David Lord

The Hard Truth about Veterans exposed to Agent Orange is they have a 48 percent increased risk of prostate cancer recurrence following surgery than their unexposed peers, and when the disease comes back, it seems more aggressive, researchers say.

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